Thursday, March 6, 2008

ROM at Thean Hou Temple 1st March 2008

It was actually pouring in the morning but managed to get to THT without getting really drenched (only my poor new shoes *sobs*). Was a bit irked by wet shoes and humidity creating havoc on my hair. Dom was having an anxiety attack coz bro-in-law, Rap, who was supposed to be our witness, haven't turned up yet.

My family members

Finally Rap turned up but forgotten his IC. Dom was furious but lucky Temple let us change our witness. So dad-in-law took the duty.

Just before going in to sign the papers. Forgotten what's our number

Was very quiet in there. Everyone so serious.

Smiles of relieve after getting it over with. Me pointing at lipstick mark on Dom which I planted on after the guy say, 'You may kissed the bride'.

The ceremony ended with lunch at our fav Sentul Zhen Liew Xiang.