Friday, August 29, 2008

A Vintagesque Wedding (Night)

Honda Car Show Girls

The crowd thinks the previous one was too easy. Here it goes again!

A Vintagesque Wedding (Morning)

For those who are curious how my hair looks at the back

This apparatus is called a hair dryer attachment or something like that. It really does work. For those who is clueless what it is, it's actually a portable version of those hard bonnet hair dryer back in the old days.

Doing my rolls

Acme's coyote (bro in law)

Coyote's offspring... kidding... he's my nephew

The Ji Muis

The whole village from Seremban

Mak Datin


Loan sharks coming

Aunty: Which one is your bride's lipstick mark?
Dom: (look at my expression)!!!

My FIERCE-looking ride.

Sin, I love this pose so much, I just hafta do it one more time!

This car ROCKS!

Errr... I just realize the bride's side tea ceremony pix is in another folder, and I did not upload it. I'll save you guys the boring-ness of looking at it.