Saturday, May 17, 2008

Guo Dai Lai (GDL) aka Delivery of Bethrothal Gifts

The dreaded GDL had arrive, which means burning hole in Dom's pocket. I'm not sure actually how many Chinese still follows this tradition but mine is sort of a simplified version of it. T'was a Saturday morning...

Beloved bethrothal had arrived with my gifts (or more of gifts of my mom's requests)

Mom (left) receiving gifts. Dom and his aunts from Johor holding liquer, condiments and Dragon & Phoenix Candle.

Dom looking at my Kah Lui Peng aka Wedding Biscuits.

Me helping my mom arranging the booty at the Sky God altar.

Mom offering fluorescent pink candle to Sky God.

Invite card from the in-laws.

Entertaining Dom's aunt with Seremban's famous SiewPow.

Mom offering joss sticks to Goddess of Mercy.

Mom and Dom trying to disentangle the wicks from the Dragon & Phoenix Candle. According to southern customs, the bride side should keep the Dragon Candle and return the Phoenix Candle to the groom side. Later on the Wedding day, the Candles should be brought together again (what a hassle).

These gifts are to be 'returned' to the groom. Mom says, 'Got come, got go'.

Day ended with lunch at Seremban's Regent Restaurant and Dom driving all the way back to Muar again. Lucky Muar is approximately 2 hours away, I can't imagine those couples who stay like one in Penang an the other Johor *pengsan*.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

O'Moon Tang

OK! What your about to see may shock you or others. It's our series of wedding pix which from the beginning we didn't even really put our mind into it. I just knew I don't want any of those cliche Taiwanese styles. And no 'Make believe Princessy' pix in some La La Land posing with my Prince Charming, wearing as what Choen would say, 'A Meringue Dress'. (sorry, no offence to those who like this style, it's just my personal view). I wanted an 'edge' on my pix.

After some thought, I approached Choen Lee to see if he's up to do something crazy with me. I wanted 2 or 3 shots of simple classic and timeless 1940's inspired vintage style portraits with me and Dom. We got engrossed with the concept and our 2 or 3 shots becomes...

*please bear in mind it's not as photo perfect as of those bridal studios as it's really a DIY concept and effort. Concept/Hair/Make-up is by me and Photography by Choen.Visit to view more pix by him.

WY: You know how to tango or not? Keep stepping on my foot.
Dom: (Thinking) Of course tak boleh lar. You see my face also know lor.

WY: Haiyer, you ar... we hafta go dancing tonite and you never practice! This deserves a nipple pinch!
Dom: Aarrrggghh...!

Dom: Ok... I'm leady! I look like Tony Leung, sure kill all those girls.

WY: I think this time can win the Miss Bedak Sejuk contest!

Ready to paint the town red.

Suddenly got riot in town.
Dom: Die you baddies... have a taste of my Tommy Gun...!!!
WY: (Thinking) Wah! Dom so man... I like!

WY: I shall be submissive Asian women now, dear. You're so man!

WY: Sigh! How did I become so genteel?

Dom: Now I can be lan see... bully me...
WY: Don't push it... ah pek!

Dom: Yikes... sei sing pat koi... (old habits die hard)

And they live vintagely ever after.

Here's some scene behind the shoot:

Me, fixing my hair


Choen cutting out the Tommy Gun from black mounting board

The crazy trios...