Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bride's Pre-Wedding Dinner

Okay... after over a month of delay, I managed to sort out these pix for now.

Here's a live version of our Shanghai Tang inspired theme styling. Everyone was pretty much shocked as I haven't reveal the studio photos to the public yet. The dinner is very modest with 8 tables only and we're separated between the other public patrons by some boards only. The best thing is everyone had fun due to our suprisingly funny looks and I can't stop drawing attention from the public. Hehe...

My bellydancing mate, Carol.

James Chong, co-worker.

My Convent high school buddies with my beloved Art teacher, Mrs Lee.

High school buddies from left: Ming Ling, Ying Ling and Ai Chik.

Dom making fun of my naughty nephew, Darren. Carrying Darren is my youngest sis, Nicole.

My second sis Lily. She's been a real sport for helping out tremendously in this event.

Craziest bunch of peeps I know. My LimKokWing collegemates. From left: Chok Yan, Joe & Joey Woon, Sin Eng, Ben Ben and Din Din. Thank you very much, guys for making to the dinner.

One of my favourite photos coz I just look so darn pin-up. Eat your heart out Betty!

Joe, Joey and Sin pretending to be doing make-up for me.

Entertaining guest. This aunty in white is one of my mom's close friend. The nick we call her is just too funny to forget. We call her 'Pi Po' ( Hokkien for Flat Women). This nick was actually meant for me or my sis coz we have a flat nose. But since we can't discern that it was our nick, we refer her to Pi Po ever since.

My lovely sis, Nicole and Lily

Checking who's still not yet arrive

My sis and bro, Wei Tsun and his gurlfriend, JC (on right)

The seating arrangements. Gosh, Sin, your head is shiny!

Yum Seng!

Yum, yum Seng!

Another one of my favourite photos. Look at Dom's mouth when I'm downing the bottle. Just for the record, I only did this at the LICTians table, coz my Cina Teh decoy had been discovered.

With Dom's family

Just putting this pix coz it got this moody feeling to it.

My funniest relatives. My uncle, aunty and cousins from my mom's side. Didn't think the older folks are game.

With my brother in law, Julian and his gf, Shi Yi.

Sorry to post not that a many pix up... I wanna save the space for THE Wedding Day pix, which I promise you that it'll be a lot funnier.